Thursday, September 27, 2012

Super Picture Post..

This will be a big picture post. I will go into details about some of the things that I've done at a later time. Hope you enjoy all of them.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rocking Chair..

Here is a rocking chair that my friend gave to me last year. It has been wainting patiently in my basement to be redone. I used the vasoline technique on this and I'm not quite sure about it. Maybe I went a bit overboard with it. I used an orange-yellow paint that I have as the main color. I first put some black on it so that you could see it when I wiped the vasoline off. I had to sand it down quite a bit because I didn't really like the way it looked. I'm still not sure about it but I like the color. And please forgive the pictures as they were taken with my cell phone.

The Final Push..

Ok so I'm doing a  couple of quick post today. The Apple and Pork Festival is this coming weekend. I'm in a mad dash to get as much done as possible. Unfortunately I will not be able to finish everything but I've gotten a lot done. Here is a bunch of random crafts that I will have. The cloches were unfinished at this point and now they all have tops. I can't wait till this week is over and after this weekend maybe I can take a break.