Friday, May 27, 2011

Upcoming Projects

I haven't done any new projects in about two weeks but I'm excited about some that I will be doing. I picked up a couple of chairs to redo. The one that I"m most excited for is the console tv that I picked up at the thrift store yesterday. I saw some ideas online and I can't wait to try this out. I also have a couple of lighting projects I plan on doing. The bigget thing I have coming up is my bathroom remodel. I so want to get this done and out of the way so I can move onto my kitchen. I will post pictures of all of these things as I'm doing them. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Completed chairs.

Ok so here are the completed chairs that I've been working on. They weren't to bad to do but I had to adjust a couple of things as I was going. I put in a picture of how I did the backs. I used cardboard, tacks and masking tape to keep everything together. I went ahead and added some white upholstering tacks to the backs to make sure they stayed in place. They also add a little something extra to them. Now I need to find one more wooded chair and I'll be set. I also need to redo my table as I took a chunk out of it with the jig saw while doing another project. Yeah I shouldn't have done that on my table but lesson learned, I guess. Lol. I hope you guys like them as much as I do.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Redoing Parsons chairs

I will write more about these chairs later. I picked the two of them up for $12 at the thrift store. I've only gotten the one redone. So here is a brfore and after.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh the possibilities..

Hmmm.. What to do with these. I have some thinking to do.

I love polka dots...

I love seeing potential in things that others over look at the thrift store. I found this chair that I think cost me a whole $4. I brought it home made it sturdy, gave it a new paint job and some cute new polka dots fabric. For around $15 I got a super cte new dinning chair. So next time you see something that catches your eye bye it and create something wonderful.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

$5 Thrift store find..

Here is a table that I picked up at the thrift store for five bucks. It had rail along the sides and the back. I took those off filled the holes with wood putty and sanded it down when it dried. I paint it a light green and then put a brown glaze over that to give it an older  look. Added some new hardware and now I love it.

My mason jar lights.

This is the light fixture that I made. It was super easy. I got a simple pendent kit for Menards for about $25 and found the mason jars at a local antique store for about $15 for all three. I cut a hole  in the lid of the jar. Some have glass in the lids. I just broke it out and threw it away. I attached the lids to the pendent with the parts that come with the light kit. I attached the jars and there you have it.

My first attempt at reupholstering.

I found these ugly but sturdy green barrel chairs at my local thrift store for $5 a piece. I purchased them with the hopes of finding slipcovers for them. Well the ones that I bought were to big and wasn't what I was looking for. So they sat for a while and in the mean time I found two wingback chairs that I had to have. I wanted to reupholster them but have never done it. So I did my research and decided to start with my small ugly green chairs. Well I have to say that the hardest part of this whole project was taking the old fabric off while keeping it in tact so that I could make patterns from them. Soooo many staples and my hands hurt for days after. I found the fabric that I used online after lots of searching for just the right one and off I went. After only stabbing myself twice (thumb and wrist) and lots of patience I came out with a brand new chair. I hope this inspires some people to try this because it was so worth it. Below is a run down of the total cost and the before and after pictures. Enjoy..

Chairs- $10
Fabric- 6 yards for $44
Batting- $12
Tac strips- $8
Buttons- $2.50