Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Feature..

So I got featured on another one of my new favotite blogs today. Go over and check out Kammy's Korner.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

The other chair..

Ok so you guys remember my first chair that I rehupholstered. Well I had two of those chairs. The first one I sold on the online classifieds. Well I had someone else like it so much they wanted the other one I had done ine the same fabric. Well here it is. I did it a little differently. I added some trim to it so that it wouldn't be exactly like the other one. Now they are both done and gone. I hope both girls enjoy their new chairs.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To many fabric choices...

So I'm finishing up a chair that I'm redoing for someone then I would like to start on my wing back chairs. After the holidays of course. My problem...well there are just to many fabrics to choose from and it hurts my head. I know I'm being dramatic but it's really though.. I had one picked out and ordered 20 yards of it and I got a really good deal on it but now I'm not sure if I really love it. I mean Love it enough to do two chairs in. For small things sure. So what do you guys think? I have a few that I really like and I'm posting them in the hopes someone can help me out here. Here they are..

This top one is the one I have already bought.

Love, love, love this one but it's a little pricey.

Love the colors.

I like chevrons but not sure how long I would like them.

Again I absolutely love this one.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pendent covers..

Today's been project day. I also did these light covers for my pendent hanging over the dining room table. I just felt like something different and will probably change my mind again but for now here they are. I took some small tin pails that I had painted and distressed them and there you have it.


For the love of chairs...

I love redoing chairs. I have eleven chairs in my house right now and that's just dining room chairs. I saw these at my favorite thrift store and I passed them up several times before I decided to go back and get them. Usually when this happens the thing I'm after has already been taken but I got lucky. I decided to start them today and I got one finished so I thought I'd share the before and after with you. I decided on an off white that I concocted from a couple paints that I have. I mixed up some homemade chalk paint and went to it. I'm not kindding when I say this stuff dries fast. I had it painted, distressed and the seat put back together in less than an hour. The reupholstering took longer than the painting and drying. I love it. I used some fabric that I got in a 20 yard bolt for about 65 dollars. Great deal. So here it is. I hope you like it and I can't wait to get the other one done.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

My very first feature!

Last Monday my buffet redo was featured on one of my favorite blogs. I was so happy. Go over and check it out. And thanks so much to Lauren.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Decorated mini shutters..

I found four of these mini shutters at a thrift store for $2 a piece. I decided to decorate two of them in a Christmas theme. I painted one red and one blue. I made some little rosettes out of some felt and put some other little things that I had in my assortment of decorations on them and there you have it. Hope you like them.

French Style Beffet..Or at least I think it is..

So in the area I live in there has been several new groups popping up on Facebook. They are classifieds for different towns and surrounding areas. They are pretty neat and you can either buy or sell items depending on your needs. Well this is the kind of site that I found this buffet from. It had chunks taken out on the legs. Peeling veneer. It had huge stains on the top. Basically it was a mess. However I don't seem to be able to pass up a good challenge or a great deal. Well I got this baby for a whopping $15 dollars. I decided to try something different and make my own chalk paint. Well it was interesting. When I mixed it up it looked very grainy but when I put it on it went on very nicely and covered very well. I put on two coats and it looked really good. the only problem I had was when I was trying to glaze it. I usually use a damp cloth to remove the glaze but when I did this time it seemed to remove quite a bit of the paint. So not a good idea. I did it with a dry rag instead. The glaze was a little darker than I had wanted but I was happy with the results. I lined the two swing out compartments with some fabric I have and there you go. Here are the before and afters. Enjoy..