Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's Fall Ya'll

Happy Fall everyone. I just wanted to do a quick post to show some of the crafts that I've made this fall. I made all of these with wood scraps and items I already had laying around. Nothing fancy here. The candy corn was done using my miter saw. Cut at 15 degree angles. Very easy. The paper pumpkins were super easy and very cute. Just use what you have and I hope you enjoy. And here's some other fall decor.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Outdoor Shutter Console.

I guess you ca call this a console. Anyway, I made this out of on old shutter, fence pickets and some sides from an old dresser I tore apart. Again, I didn't spend any money on this. It was all stuff I already had laying around. I plan on putting a solar light in the lamp as well. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Outside Projects

I was a busy bee this weekend. I redid a patio table that I have as well as some old banquet style chairs that I had sitting around. Man they were ugly. Why they ever made that color orange is beyond me. Anyway I had this fabric left over from another project, so I got some coordinating spray paint and went to town. It's so cute now and I finished it right as it started to rain as I'm sure you can see all the raindrops lol. The second project I did was an outdoor lounge. I spent not one dime on this. Its made entirely out of a leftover fence panel and 4x4 post. I used the two 8' pieces that hold the fence panels together, cut those to 70" for the long sides and used the other 26" pieces for the top and bottom. I screw those together then cut the post in 1 1/2 foot pieces for the legs then attached those with screws. I then used 7 pickets for the top. I cut those down and got two pieces from each picket for a total of 13 pieces.  I used my brad nailer to attach these. Also to make it stronger I added a 2x4 underneath. I painted it white. I had some old cushions so I sewed a new cover for it from a canvas drop cloth I had. Made a cute pillow and there you go. I plan on making another one to go with it. Its the perfect spot to get some sun.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone. So it's been awhile since I've been on here. I started school and just finished up my semester. On top of that I've been busy trying to redo my kitchen and my oldest son went off to basic training for the Army. I'm ready for a break. Well somewhat... Lol. Here is one of the projects that I've done recently. I redid this desk/table and decided I didn't like the black that I used so I redid it red, white and blue. It looks so much better and it sold in one  day. It's good to be back and I want to thank all of the Veterans for all they have given. Everyone have a great day and I can't wait to share my kitchen with you soon.