Friday, June 21, 2013

Kitchen Redo and Inspirations..

Well now that the bathroom is done I have moved on to the kitchen. This is not going to be as extensive as the bathroom though. no ripping out plaster walls or drywall. Thankfully.. I wanted to share some of my inspirations that I've collected. There are three sets that show where I started and where I will be close to when I'm finished. I have a very tight budget so of course I'm trying to do it as thrifty as possible by using things that I already have and redoing most of the things that are already there. I've already got the upper cabinets done and the walls painted. I'm confident that this will not take the two years that it took to do the bathroom. Lol. Can't wait to share. Have a great weekend.

The top one is where I started and the bottom is where I'm at now.