Monday, July 30, 2012

One of many..

Here is just one of the many chairs that I have to get done. I will take a before picture of the other one that I have and post it with the afters of that one. Here's the break down of what I did. I used a gray spray paint to do this one as it was just plain faster. I let it dry and sanded it down. I went over it with a gray glaze put new fabric on the bottom part of it. The cushion covers I had from a set I had ordered from Ikea for the chairs that I reupholstered. Since I don't have a sewing machine I just used these. I definitely need to get some more stuffing. I taped and painted gray stripes on them for a pop. On the pillow I was inspired by Kammy's pillows over at I loved all of her pillows and thought I would try it out and there you have it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pretty White Secretary..

So this is the secretary that I picked up for free from the curb. The best kind of stuff. Well it has sat on my porch for about a year now. Well now it's all done and here it is. I painted it white and sanded it down. I glazed the drawer fronts with a turquoise glaze and absolutely did not like it. I mixed up some white glaze and put that on over it.  I waited for it to dry and resanded it than I waxed the whole thing. The inside part proved to be a huge pain in the butt. I was so ready to get it done. I put some small legs on it that I had and some paper stock on the back for some color. The best part is that I didn't pay one cent for this project. Everything that I used I already had around my house. Not bad right..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Doors Doors Doors!

So a while back I found a bunch of display doors at the thrift store and I bought pretty much all of them and heck they were only a dollar a piece. So as I've said I'm trying to get all my projects done. Every September my town has a huge craft festival called the Apple and Pork Festival and this year I plan on having a booth so I need to get on these things like yesterday.. Here are a couple of the doors that I did. I made one into a hanger that you can hang your calender, pens/pencils and you memos. The other one I turned into a cute little food tray. So many things to do and it seems like so little time.. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Heart Rainbow..

Ok so maybe it's not the color of the rainbow but it is colorful. Ok so these little wooden heart pieces used to be on the red. whit and blue shelf that I just did. I did not like them so I took them off. I'm not one to waste things so I painted them some pretty colors and stapled some jute string to the backs to make a cute little heart hanger. More projects to come.  I don't know why it posted the picture this way..

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Hoop and some chicken wire..

So I made another memo/picture hanger tonight. This one I did different. Remember that chicken wire I bought a couple weeks ago? Well I decided to try use that for this one. I've never used chicken wire before and I now have many battle wounds from it. This one took a little longer but still not to hard and I painted this one turquoise and then sanded it down. I liked the other one but I really like this one.

Getting it done..Slowly.

Well I haven't worked on anything big for awhile. It's been way to hot here in Il. the last few weeks to do any projects outside and I was on vacation last week. I got these two little things done last night. I got two of these giant wood embroidery hoops at the thrift store. I knew I wanted to make little memo/picture hangers out of them so I came up with a couple of ideas. I only got one of them done. I painted it an orange that I had and you couldn't really tell so I gave it a coat of white and then sanded the whole thing when it dried. I added some jute string and painted up some clothes pins to hang the memos and pictures from and you have a cute little hanger. The other is a shelf that I picked up at the same thrift store. It hangs in the corner and it a pretty good size. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, other than paint it. I stood there for a minute and then just went with it. I decide to do it red, white and blue. I painted parts of it red and blue and did the white over top of that so when I sanded the whole thing the other colors would show. I wanted it to be subtle. So here it is. Hope everyone has a good week.