Sunday, November 25, 2012

Drum Roll Please.....Here's The Tree..

Here it is all put together. All of the ornaments are well semi homemade. I bought cheap ornaments from the dollar tree store and spruced them up. I brushed them with glue and added white glitter to tone them down. I got the clear glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby added my own touch to them. I painted cheap wooden birdhouses from Wal Mart white and added snow to the roofs. There is a wooden letter for each person in the house. I used the spray on snow in a can to make my tree white added some ribbon and the new tree skirt and here you go. I hope you love it. It's probably my favorite tree that I've done so far.

Wedding Dress Tree Skirt

I've had this wedding dress laying in my attic for about a year. My cousin gave it to me to use as a Holloween costume last year but I didn't wear it. I've been seeing all these cute ruffled tree skirts all over the web so I thought why not use the wedding dress to make my own. So I got a piece of fabric for the circle backing and started taking the dress apart. This took the longest. I used the satin and the tulle to make the different layers. I added some strips to tie it together. It's so pretty and fluffy. I love it.

It's Christmas Time Again

So it's that time of year again. Time to decorate for the holiday season. This year I wanted to do my tree in various shades of white. I also decide to make all the decorations myself. These are the first set of ornaments that I did. I took various small mason jars and spray painted them white. I then painted over some with a white glitter craft paint. I took some and brushed them with glue and rolled them in epsome salt and the rest I traced the logos with glue and sprinked epsome salt on them. I made handles from picture wire so that I can hang them on my tree. I can't wait for you to see them on the finished tree.