Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To many fabric choices...

So I'm finishing up a chair that I'm redoing for someone then I would like to start on my wing back chairs. After the holidays of course. My problem...well there are just to many fabrics to choose from and it hurts my head. I know I'm being dramatic but it's really though.. I had one picked out and ordered 20 yards of it and I got a really good deal on it but now I'm not sure if I really love it. I mean Love it enough to do two chairs in. For small things sure. So what do you guys think? I have a few that I really like and I'm posting them in the hopes someone can help me out here. Here they are..

This top one is the one I have already bought.

Love, love, love this one but it's a little pricey.

Love the colors.

I like chevrons but not sure how long I would like them.

Again I absolutely love this one.

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