Monday, June 6, 2011

See what $12 can get you.

I picked the dresser up from the thrift store for $12. It was pretty ugly but really strudy. So it went home with me. It's been sitting on my front porch for a while though as I've changed my mind more than a few times on what to do with it. I bought it in the hopes of using it for a bathroom vanity when I start in there but it was a little to big. My bathroom is tiny. So I decided to use the dresser currently in my bedroom for that and redo this one for my room. Ok so I'm really bad about taking before pictures. It was only after I had cut off the top that I remembered. Sorry, I'll try harder. Well I had to remove a bunch of stickers before I sanded it down. I painted it a very light grey that I picked up in the oops section at Wal Mart for $1.50. I love that section. After it dried I resanded it and scuffed it up a little bit. I like my things looking a bit worn. Than I took some water based stain (.50 cents at Wal Mart) and applied it over the top of that. I used a basic wet sponge to take off the excess stain. I took some cute stock paper that I had and lined the bottom of the drawers. Aren't they cute? I haven't gotten new handles yet but I will put up picks when I do. I can't wait to get it in my room. BTW the part that has the Taz sticker was the top. That will be another project.

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