Saturday, October 8, 2011

Junk in the Attic..

This shelf/clock was sitting in my attic. It was something that my grandma sent down to my Mom and it ended up in my attic. Gotta love that. Anyway I decided to redo it. I was in such a hurry that I didn't take before pictures but let me tell you it was ugly. It was a horrible wood tone and the clock face was a really bad shade of hunter green and some off white that I'm sure t some point it used to be white. Anyway I gave it a pretty quick paint job, not really trying to cover all of it. I sanded it down then put some brown glaze on it and sanded it again. I put some scrapbook paper that I had on the face and reattached the hands and there you go. Also I had some paper letters and numbers just laying in a drawer so that's what I used for the 12 and 6. I really want to keep it but I am going to sell it. I have way to much stuff already.. Maybe next time.

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