Saturday, June 16, 2012

You light my world..

I'm in a mad rush to get some of this stuff out of my house. I got these two lamps done this week. The one is a floor lamp. It's metal and very heavy. It has a tin shade and two lights. When I bought it the base was a horrible bright red and someone had painted the shade white. I sprayed it a cute yellow and I sprayed the shade a hammered silver and then used a dark glazed on top of that to make it look like it may have at on point in time. The other one was a wood lamp with a metal base. I used the same hammered silver on this base and then used a green that I already had mixed up on the rest. I destressed and waxed it. I had the shade just hanging out in the attic, so I made a couple flowers and glued them on and there you go. The table behind the lamp will be another post. It's another project done this week.

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