Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fence scraps and some fabric

So as I've said before I rarely ever throw anything away. Pretty much everything can be used for something else. So when I ( my neighbor and my oldest son) put in the new sections of privacy fence in the back yard and had to trim it down I kept all of the scraps from it. I think they thought I was crazy but that's ok I kind of am sometimes. Yesterday I decided to do some craft with them. It was pretty simple. All I did was sand down the pieces, painted them, sanded again and took some scraps of fabric and made some rosettes and put them on the wood with my hot glue gun. Aren't they cute for pieces of scrap fencing?


  1. Cute, I found your blog from Liz Marie! Now your newest follower! Hope you can swing by sometime,

  2. Thank you and I most definitely will stop by.