Monday, May 4, 2015

My Very Own Pallet Couch

It seems like I'm always doing something in my backyard each summer. I've seen so many great pallet projects that I've wanted to do myself it's been hard to narrow them down. Well I saw a post for a pallet couch that I really liked and thought I'd give it a shot. I got 15 50x50 pallets from my work and went for it. I must say that this is a pretty labor intensive project and my entire body is sore today but I managed to get this done in one day. The hardest part was the back. I removed one slat on each pallet that would have a back on it so that I could just slide the backs into those and then secure them with screws. However I had to take the pallets that I was using for the back almost completely apart so that I could reconfigure them so they would slide into the base pallets. For the cushions I used crib mattresses, a twin mattress and bought sheets to go over them. For the back cushions I used some old outdoor cushions that I already had and just made slipcovers for them. I found the fabric at the thrift store and made the covers so that everything can be removed and washed and dried. I also got a waterproof cover for the twin mattress so that it wouldn't get wet. I will do a breakdown of the cost below. I can't wait to get the rest of the yard done and share that as well.

Pallets- Free
Crib mattresses- $15
Sheets- $30
Back Cushions and pillows- Free

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